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Visionary coach, business builder, startup marketing expert and Dad of 10 Tommy Latham takes you on deep dive to find the level 10 potential inside you, helping you find success in parenting, business and life.

Work/Life Balance Coaching for Work-from-Home Parents, Solopreneurs, Content Creators, Side-Hustlers and Basement Dreamers.


– DAD OF 10

Tommy is… Work/Life Balance Expert // Creative Powerhouse // Business Builder // Author // Speaker // Coach // Dad of 10 // Uncle of 55 // Clumsy Husband

“My goal is to make you the most successful parent possible, so you have no regrets, only memories.”
– Tommy Latham



Organizational expert in family structure, dedicated to empowering work-from-home parents, content creators, high performance men, and side-hustlers like you.

I’ve worked with many of the top names in the personal development, coaching and fitness spaces to create multi-million dollar marketing and creative campaigns – and at the same time, built a portfolio of profitable businesses, traveled, and I raised 10 kids with my wife.

How did we find the time to do it all and still keep the balance? We learned that we had to master chaos, or it would chew us up and spit us out. We had a map. We had a plan. It’s not the holy grail, but it’s damn good. It took us to a 10x level in success and relationships, and we have our sanity left after raising all 10. I’ll show you how.

Achieve success. Improve relationships. Parent decisively. Boost charisma. Increase confidence. Build a business. Find happiness. Increase earnings growth. Launch a startup. Earn trust. Attract opportunity. Find fulfillment. Gain peace.

Together, we’re changing the way parents live and earn.

Stay at Home

Stay at home parents need to use a different organizational and mindset strategy than working parents do – especially stay at home Dads. For parents that are ready to throw in the towel, Tommy trains home-bound parents in mastering their chaos, building a parenting mindset, and finding fulfillment.

Work from Home

For Dads and Moms burning the candle, working from home and trying to find the boundary between work and life, Tommy shows you how to regain your time sanity by completely organizing and balancing your life.

High Performance

Are you at the top of your game in business, but at a low in parenting and family relationships? Tommy’s “Stuck at the Top” training takes high performance men and women and turns them into high performance Dads and Moms. Valuable insights, practical tools, and actionable strategies accelerate your professional and personal growth in both business and parenting.

You go to a doctor. You go to an accountant.

Why don’t you have a coach for the most important thing in your life?

Online Programs

The Dad Formula (for Moms too) is the ultimate org chart for parents, giving you the secret plan to achieve a near-perfect work/life balance. This program teaches you how to uncover free time you never knew you had so you can spend it with family and be a rockstar parent.

The Dad Hustle is a complete training for the absolute beginner on starting a content creation business, membership site, or podcast. For Moms too. It’s the exact blueprint that hundreds of Dads have used to grow a business from home.

Both of these courses are offered at the same time, so you’re not waiting around to get in to the juicy “how-to” details that let you start earning real money. They happen at the same time: Mindset and money. You’re diving right in to the launch of your online business, and at the same time, you’re experiencing a life-changing system so that you’re prioritizing everything correctly and living life to the fullest as the most amazing Dad or Mom in the world.



1-on-1 and Group Coaching

Book Tommy for life-changing 1-on-1 coaching: parenting, business building, marketing strategies, side hustles or all of the above.

Join a community of parents in Tommy Latham’s transformative group sessions and build relationships with fellow stay at home parents, work from home parents, side-hustlers, and highly successful working parents.

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Podcasts and Learning

The Dad Formula Podcast gives a blueprint of practical tools and insights to help parents achieve work-life balance and build strong relational bonds with their kids.

The Daily Drive for Dads Podcast features 5 minute episodes on a single actionable strategy, empowering parents to unleash their true potential each day on their drive to or from home. No guests, no banter, no wasted time – just quality, concise content.


Speaking, Training & Workshops

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Books by Author Tommy Latham

How to Raise Analog Kids
in a Digital World

…and not make them hate you for it.

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Success for Teens:
The Missing Manual

Why do Adults get all the Success Books?

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Stuck at the Top

When High Performance Men
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"Tommy is truly a family man – Plus an expert at marketing, back-end development and creative.
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Finally reach ultimate Work/Life Balance

Science says that chaos gets worse if you don’t intervene. If you don’t deal with life proactively, life will deal with you. Learn from a Dad of 10 how to completely organize your inner world first, so you can act calmly and decisively in times of chaos, becoming as rockstar Mom or Dad.


Start a Side Hustle…or Earn more in your career

The Dad Hustle is a complete training for the absolute beginner on starting a content creation business, membership site, or podcast. For Moms too. It’s the exact blueprint that hundreds of Dads have used to grow a business from home. We’re looking for a few good Dads that want to change how they live and earn.

“The Dad Hustle is the most comprehensive, most detailed, most successful online startup system on the internet. It’s the last of the great courses.”


Improve Relationships as a Dad or Mom

Talking to parents, it always comes back to regrets. And the regret at the top of that list is what you do with your kids. Don’t have regrets when they’re gone. Set the example for your family and become the parent you always imagined you would be. The Dad Formula Org Chart shows how Mom and Dad stay in their lanes, but cruise toward the same goals. Moms, you’ll never look at your husband the same way again


The Dad Formula Podcast

Internet Marketing Guru Tommy Latham mixes his adventure of raising 10 kids with his experience of promoting some of the top names in sports, fitness and entertainment.

Made specifically for stay-at-home Dads, work-from-home Dads, and working Dads, this podcast for dads is a deep dive into the ways that guys can build a successful online business, uncover more free time, make more than they ever could at a day job, and still be a rock star Dad.

Think of it as a business startup guide meets a life-changing mindset program for guys.

We’re changing the way Dads live and earn.

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The Daily Drive for Dads Podcast

If you’re a stay at home dad, a work from home dad, or a working dad, this podcast is for you.

My goal is to give Dads like you a little dose of inspiration on your daily drive.

We both know that life is tough for Dads, so stick with me for 5-10 minutes each day, and I’ll help you pump up your work/life balance and happiness so you can become a high performance rockstar Dad.

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Learn from America’s #1 Work/Life Balance Coach for Dads

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Tommy Latham is an author, speaker and consultant. As a guest on podcasts and shows, Tommy speaks on his experiences balancing life with 10 kids and running multiple businesses. He can give quick and witty insight into the success formulas he used with his 10, so other Dads can “10x it” with theirs. Tommy nails down the principles needed to be a “rockstar Dad”.

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The Dad Formula Podcast is always searching for guests to deliver quality content in the areas of family life, work/life balance and business building. Contact us if you are interested in being a guest on our show.

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Tommy Latham is a Dad of 10, and an uncle of 53. He’s a creative and startup consultant to authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the biggest names in the personal development, health and fitness industries. He has had his work featured on ESPN, The Today Show, Top Chef, The Wall Street Journal, The Sharper Image, and more.


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