Why do Adults get all the Success Books?

Ever look for a self-help book for teens?

You’ll find that they all deal with problems: peer pressure, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol… It seems like all of the books are meant for pulling kids up out of the trenches and sticking them right on the baseline of… well, normal.

Let’s go from the baseline of normal, and launch up to greatness.

If you’re a teen that wants to go from good to great, or you’re the parent of a teen that feels that your child needs a fast track to success, this is your book.

Written in a relatable, casual tone, with an easy-to-read format, this book hits the success topics that every teen should know to excel in life.

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“I bought this for my teen, but ended up reading it too. I laughed, I almost cried... this book is filled with so much emotion and wisdom.”

Jeff Charles

“Brilliant! It’s written so perfectly for the teenage audience. Spot on.”

Book Review

“I use these success strategies every day, and I often flip back through and re-read parts. I’ve shared it with my friends too!”

Kelly, 16

Success isn’t
just an adult thing…

…It’s a teen thing first.

There aren’t many success stories that don’t start with a successful teen.


Lessons from the Book:

“A humorous, emotional read. Loved it!”

– Mom of 8

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SUCCESS FOR TEENS: The Missing Manual

…will make you laugh, will make you think, will help you:

Perform at Your

Become a high-performance teen in school, sports, and life, and get on the fast track to long-term success.

Build Stronger

Change your relationships by understanding basic principles of love, life and connection.

Earn More

Understand what it takes to stand out at your job, and get into a wealth mindset through successful habits.

Work/Life Balance and Parenting Coach

Tommy Latham

Tommy is a Dad of 10, and an uncle of 53. He’s a creative and startup consultant to authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the biggest names in the personal development, health and fitness industries. He has had his work featured on ESPN, The Today Show, Top Chef, The Wall Street Journal, The Sharper Image, and more.

As a guest on podcasts and shows, Tommy speaks on his experiences balancing life with 10 kids and running multiple businesses. He can give quick and witty insight into the success formulas he used with his 10, so other Dads can “10x it” with theirs. Tommy nails down the principles needed to be a “rockstar Dad”.

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