How to Raise Analog Kids
in a Digital World


This book offers a clears direction and insightful perspectives on a significant modern-day challenge: Navigating the tech-fueled world while preserving the spirit of traditional values for kids… And embracing the fact that everywhere around them will be other kids doing it differently.

As a mountain man, creative digital artist, and Dad of 10, author Tommy Latham navigates the intersection of nature and technology in his daily life, attempting to parent in both. Join him on a journey through laughter as he shares insights on raising children amidst the onslaught of the digital age. Enjoy humorous stories and discover the secrets to raising kids with a connection to nature, tradition, and positivity in a world dominated by screens and social media.

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With action steps in each chapter, this book shows you how to guide your kids down the path that they must travel in today’s digital age, all without risking resentment from them.

“An absolute must-read for any modern parent attempting to navigate this digital world.” – Post Sentinel

It’s not about removing technology…

It’s about letting a teen HAVE technology…

but teaching them the spirit of living in harmony with it.



The Road Gap
Free Range Kids
The Soul is More Important Than the Body
The Town with the Big Dome
From Protecting to Equipping
Wilderness Therapy
Keeping up with the Jones Kid
Kids Don’t Need as Much as You Think
Raising Farm Kids without a Farm
One Kernel at a Time


“My kids have jumped off roofs, gotten a chainsaw injury, accidentally lit their bedroom carpet on fire from indoor fireworks, glacier climbed a stratovolcano in the Cascades, hunted their own dinner, and bucked trees (then loaded in the firewood) to stay warm all winter. But they don’t know how to play Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or Fortnite. And that’s just fine with us.”

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How to Raise Analog Kids in a Digital World

…will make you laugh, will make you think, will help you:

This book isn’t a boot camp or some sort of an intervention style treatment program. It’s not about removing technology – It’s about letting a teen HAVE technology, but teaching them the spirit of living in harmony with it.

And this isn’t one of those “manly” books on being old fashioned, or even about instilling time-tested traditional values like manners and sitting up straight. Those things are fine, but this book doesn’t cover that.

This book is a straightforward guide and it solves a problem: That kids need to live in this world, yet be restricted from certain aspects of it. And that everywhere around them will be other kids doing it differently.

Work/Life Balance and Parenting Coach

Tommy Latham

Tommy is a Dad of 10, and an uncle of 53. He’s a creative and startup consultant to authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the biggest names in the personal development, health and fitness industries. He has had his work featured on ESPN, The Today Show, Top Chef, The Wall Street Journal, The Sharper Image, and more.

As a guest on podcasts and shows, Tommy speaks on his experiences balancing life with 10 kids and running multiple businesses. He can give quick and witty insight into the success formulas he used with his 10, so other Dads can “10x it” with theirs. Tommy nails down the principles needed to be a “rockstar Dad”.

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