My First Ski & Ride Reader

An Old School Reader for Little Shredders

A steazy reader for those rad little shredders that are on their first year of reading (but their second year on the slopes). Your kiddo can catch some sick pow on a bluebird day, then go slopeside with a hot cocoa and their fav first ski book.


A classic Dick & Jane style reader with slang skiing / snowboarding terms for a funny juxtaposition between the two. Basically, an old fashioned book with modern concepts, language, and names, like:

"This run is steez! This run is sick! See Leaf hit that steezy run."
"Look, Sage. Look, look, look! Look and see. See Jan ski."
"Cruz will shred. Can Cruz shred? He does shred."
"Pow is good. Pow is rad. Hit that Pow. Hit it hard."

It becomes a fun first reader for little skiers and snowboarders, and a humorous “coffee table book” for their parents to show their friends.

Illustration Style

A classic, hardbound book, with beautiful 1940’s style watercolor illustrations in the Dick and Jane style, or found in the classic elementary readers. Artist Dan Brennan of Idaho lends his hand to create original watercolor illustrations throughout this classic, yet irreverent book.


A first book for parents who are skiers or snowboarders to buy their kids, or to buy for their friends who are skiers or riders, especially those that spend every last cent on their “mountain lifestyle”.

Testing in the Marketplace

A children’s book on color was made for kids of graphic artists, using the Pantone Color System (printing inks) used by graphic artists. It was a success.